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Multi-purpose automated motion detector
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This is a multi-purpose and multi-function motion detector has the option to select parts of the camera's view as hotspots with alarm in them triggering a certain assigned process, including taking pictures, playing audio, etc. Notification, statistics and online tracking features are available.

Webcam Zone Trigger is a very interesting surveillance app. I have seen many applications that can detect motion using a variety of stock and standard webcams and warn the user about it. I have even tried apps that can record video and send it to your phone, but Webcam Zone Trigger does something I have never seen. It allows you to specify a zone in your web camera that you want to use to detect motion. In other words, you specify a zone with a circle. You can place it anywhere, and set motion detection for that area only. When there is motion, you can have the application carry out an array of actions.

I used a web camera as an example. But Webcam Zone Trigger can use your webcam, an IP camera, a DirectX device, or even capture your screen and detect motion there. For each of these devices, you can set as many regions as you want to detect motion. Each region will have a specific action assigned to it. You can even overlap regions so that different actions are carried out when motion is detected. Furthermore, you can tweak the sensitivity and the duration of the motion before an action is carried out.

I tested this with my webcam and it worked flawlessly. I had been looking for an app like this for a home surveillance project. And I have to say that I love both the concept behind the app and how it works. Kudoz go out to the developers.

José Fernández
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